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April 14, 2014

The Florida Suite (Screening at Blake Library April 19) — Trailer 2: Harvest

The Florida Suite is a poetic documentary that tells the story of Andrew Graham, a retired lawyer who lives in a log cabin in the middle of his 13 acre citrus grove, located near the shores of the Indian River, Florida. There, living with three friendly dogs, he tends his fruit and takes care of his 90 year old mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The film is structured to, and takes its name from, Frederick Delius’ Florida Suite, a beautiful four-movement tone poem.

The ultimate goal of this production is to help modern audiences connect (or reconnect) with a way of life whose rhythms are synchronized with nature. To realize the inherent dignity of caring for the things and people you love. To understand that aging and slowing down allows for a revelation of life’s greater truths. And to honor the musical genius of Frederick Delius, who crossed the Atlantic 120+ years ago and was moved to learn the art of composition so that he could honor the life that captivated him in a Florida orange grove.

The Florida Suite will strike a chord for all those who recognize the beauty of life lived close to the land.


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