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January 19, 2010

World War II Film Series Begins Jan. 27

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Celebrating the Harvest of the Mind, Body and Spirit


DATE:  JANUARY 19, 2010                                                                                            

CONTACT:  PUBLIC RELATIONS 772/221-1403                                                               

WHO:                    The Friends of the Blake Library in Stuart, Inc., in support of the Martin County Library System

WHAT:                  World War II Video Classics: The World at War

                                With Capt. Carl Keske, USNR (Ret.)

Capt. Carl Keske will present “World War II Video Classics: The World at War,” an 8-week series of war documentaries narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier, 10:00 a.m. Wednesdays from January 27 through March 17 in the John F. Armstrong Wing of the Blake Library, 2351 SE Monterey Rd., Stuart.  Capt. Keske provides commentary for these documentaries, winners of the prestigious National Telly Awards for outstanding cable and non-network television programming.  A question and answer session will follow each film with a quiz at the end.

Capt. Carl D. Keske, USNR (Ret.) served as a gunnery officer on the “tin can,” the USS Eversole.  Following 18 months of nuclear submarine training he served on the USS George Washington, USS Tautog and USS James Monroe.  He visited Normandy beaches September 2002.

WHEN:                  10:00 a.m. Wednesday:

January 27 Pincers: (August 1944 – March 1945) – The allied breakout in France and the setback at Arnhem, the Warsaw Uprising, the Battle of the Bulge, and the crossing of the Rhine. Interviewees include Lieutenant General Brian HorrocksWynford Vaughan Thomas, General Hasso von Manteuffel, Major General Francis de GuingandW. Averell Harriman and Major General J. Lawton Collins.


February 3 Nemesis: Germany (February – May 1945) – The final invasion of Germany by both the Western and Eastern allies, the denouement at Dresden, and the events in the Führerbunker. Interviewees include Albert SpeerTraudl Junge and Heinz Linge. 


February 10 Pacific (February 1942 – July 1945) – The successive and increasingly bloody land battles on tiny islands in the expansive Pacific, aimed towards the Japanese heartland. Following the bombing of Darwin, the over-extended Japanese are progressively turned back at KokodaTarawaPeleilu, the PhilippinesIwo Jima and finally Okinawa.

February 17 Japan (1941–1945) – Japan’s society and culture during wartime, and how life is transformed as the country gradually becomes aware of increasingly catastrophic setbacks including the Doolittle raid, defeat at Midwaythe death of Isoroku Yamamoto, the Battle of Saipan and the relentless bombing of Japanese cities.


February 24 The Bomb (February – September 1945) – The development of the atomic bomb, the ascendency of President Harry Truman, emerging splits in the Allies with Joseph Stalin, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ultimately leading to thesurrender of Japan. Interviewees include Toshikazu KaseYoshio KodamaMarquis Koichi Kido, Major General Charles Sweeney, Brigadier General Paul TibbetsAlger HissW. Averell HarrimanLord AvonMcGeorge BundyJohn J. McCloy, General Curtis LeMay and Hisatsune Sakomizu.


March 3 Reckoning (April 1945) – The situation in post-war Europe including the allied occupation of Germanydemobilisation, the Nurenburg trials and the genesis of the Cold War. The episode concludes with summations about the ultimate costs and consequences of the war. Interviewees include Charles BohlenStephen AmbroseLord AvonLord Mountbatten of Burma and Noble Frankland.


March 10 From War to Peace – Some footage and interviews which were not used in the original series were later made into additional hour or half-hour documentaries narrated by Eric Porter. These were released as a bonus to the VHS version and are included in the DVD set of the series.


March 17 Remember – How the war—both good and bad experiences–was experienced and remembered by its witnesses.

WHERE:               Blake Library, John F. Armstrong Wing, 2351 SE Monterey Rd., Stuart

HOW:                    Presented at no charge.  Tickets not required.

For more information call 772/221-1403, pick up a Library Connection or Chautauqua South calendar at any branch library, or visit the library Web site at



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